Why choose application streaming over VDI tools
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Why choose application streaming over VDI tools

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

If you’re looking for technologies to help increase productivity at your company, consider application streaming as one of your solutions. While the technology can help increase overall business performance, there are many reasons why businesses should choose app streaming over typical virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) tools.


Here, we explore some significant benefits of application streaming and why such a solution is an ideal choice for your business.

What is application streaming?

Application streaming is a software delivery method that allows users to access applications from a remote server. The application isn’t installed on the user's local machine but is instead accessed and executed from the server.

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Essentially, streaming apps eliminates the need for users to have local copies of applications and reduces the quantum of resources such as memory, compute, and disk space required on the user's machine. It also provides a more secure remote environment for storing applications.

How does app streaming work?

For app streaming to work, the following components are required:

  • a client,
  • an application,
  • a streaming server, and
  • an internet connection.

The application is installed on a remote server, accessible to the user on demand coupled with the necessary resources required to operate the requested applications. The server streams the app similar to a video stream but with the capability to interact with the stream - delivering cloud-native applications.

Application streaming vs VDI tools

When it comes to application streaming and VDI tools, there are some key differences that should be noted. For starters, application streaming is typically used to deliver applications to end users on-demand, whereas VDI tools are designed to create and manage virtual desktop environments.

Another key difference is that application streaming can be used to deliver apps to any type of device, including mobile devices, whereas VDI is generally geared towards desktop PCs. Finally, application streaming usually requires less bandwidth than VDI, making it a more efficient solution for remote users.

Top 7 reasons why you should choose application streaming over VDI tools

1. Reduced infrastructure requirements

Application streaming is a great way to reduce the amount of infrastructure required to support an application. By streaming the application from a central location, users can access the application without having to install it on their local machines.

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This reduces the amount of hardware and software that needs to be maintained and makes it easier for users to access the applications they need.

2. Improved accessibility and productivity

App streaming provides better accessibility over VDI tools by delivering a consistent and reliable user experience. By streaming applications from a central location, users can access their applications from any device with an Internet connection.

Application streaming offers increased productivity by allowing employees to access the applications they need from any device, anywhere. This means employees can work from home, on the go, or even while on vacation. And, because all the applications are stored in the cloud, there’s no need for employees to install or update them.

3. Reduced Cost

One of the most prominent reasons for choosing application streaming instead of VDI tools is cost. Application streaming requires fewer server resources, which means it is less expensive to set up. These reduced costs translate into a significant ROI, as does the reduced cost of keeping and maintaining hardware resources on hand for long-term use.

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In addition, storage costs are cheaper with application streaming because the data is streamed locally from storage rather than from another location across a WAN or LAN connection.

Finally, with virtual desktops, you’ll likely have a lengthy contract that includes training services and maintenance fees as well as an upfront cost, whereas you only need one simple licensing fee to access application streaming.

4. Flexibility in workload mobility

As reflected in CompareCamp’s statistics, 55% of Gen X respondents said work flexibility is important. When it comes to workload mobility, application streaming offers flexibility that other methods simply can’t provide.

This flexibility is particularly valuable for organizations that have a lot of data spread out across different geographical locations and/or systems. With app streaming, they can easily move their workloads to where they need them, without having to worry about whether the applications will be compatible.

5. Faster IT provisioning

It's about speed. With application streaming, you don't have to wait for your IT provisioning. Once the application is streamed, it's available for users and administrators at their desktops, giving them instant access. And with the added benefit of being software-based, it can work on devices that may not be able to run a virtual environment due to hardware limitations.

6. Enhanced user experience

Streamed applications run like native apps on your local computer hardware, which means you'll get the best possible user experience, without dilution.

Further, the use of technologies such as WebRTC and advanced compression capabilities to reduce the amount of data sent over the network improves bandwidth efficiency and quality of service while lowering latency and lag.

The native experience enables users to operate the best IT software, design tools, and productivity solutions similar to how they would use them on their local machine – without the need to keep them installed and configured on a physical system.

7. Increased Security

Application streaming provides increased security by allowing administrators to centrally manage and distribute applications. This means applications can be updated and patched without having to worry about users losing access to them. Additionally, application streaming can help prevent data breaches by providing a layer of security between the user and the application.

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Application streaming is ideal for your business

Application streaming is a much more efficient and cost-effective solution than VDI tools. It eliminates the need for complex hardware and software infrastructure, and it can be implemented quickly and easily. Application streaming also provides a more flexible and scalable solution, making it ideal for organizations of all sizes.

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