Cloud vs. On-Premise Desktops: ROI Analysis with Neverinstall
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Cloud vs. On-Premise Desktops: ROI Analysis with Neverinstall

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

Even with the arrival of the cloud, legacy systems have been the standard for high-performance computing. But, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges is replicating an identical (and familiar) working environment in the cloud independent of the local machine. The dependency on powerful GPUs, cooling systems, and instantaneous access to data, therefore, hinder organizations from wholly embracing the cloud – particularly for their infrastructure needs.


The hitches and hiccups

Although cloud adoption has been welcomed for a variety of use cases, including data storage, transfer, and communication, the introduction of the cloud as a viable replacement for chunky machines is still in its infancy. But why, you ask?


One of the biggest challenges to cloud desktop adoption has always been latency. With computers achieving fantastic feats every day, the smallest of delays in the reaction to even a keystroke has a cascading effect. As a result, and rightly so, organizations are apprehensive of such adoption that may hamper efficiencies or deliver anything less than the native experience.


Threat actors are another nightmare that organizations fear. According to Thales, the total number of breaches across the industry is already up 5% compared to 2021, with almost half a year remaining. Therefore, the fears are not unfounded and a legitimate danger looms over cloud applications.

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The mild substitutes such as VDI and RDP that came before the advent of complete cloud desktops were not the ideal representations of personal cloud computers. The limited capabilities, functionality drawn from physical machines, and the lack of a native experience made these solutions only a last resort for organizations. Further, these solutions would still largely remain dependent on heavy-duty physical machines.

What we understand here is that teams, especially developers, require undiluted solutions ahead of time to catch up with the innovations for the future.

The Goldilocks Zone

Ideally, a cloud desktop must be able to replicate the functionality and capabilities of a local machine without any reservations. The solution must adapt to users' needs, scale with the organization, and give virtually the same amount of system control as an on-premises desktop.

Moreover, with computers being such an integral part of modern enterprise, cutting corners is out of the question.

So, where is the Goldilocks Zone?

Cloud desktops exist to deliver high-quality cloud-native computing at a low-cost and scalable offering.

The Neverinstall experience

We started building the platform to fit right in the habitable zone between the contentions of the organizations and the limitations of other cloud computing solutions. We approached the problem with an alternative stratagem – application streaming.

Through our eponymous offering, we deliver the best of desktops over the cloud with pre-installed applications that users can launch in combination with other apps to create a pre-configured yet fully customizable cloud desktop instance – a Space.

Since all the applications are cloud-native, the experience is closer to a native desktop than ever – with minimal lag and complete control over the Space.

A cloud desktop to rival on-premises machines

Neverinstall is a complete browser-based cloud central desktop with no restrictions on functionality and performance that competes with industry-leading on-premises machines. Here is a quick look at how Neverinstall pegs itself against traditional computers.

The total cost of ownership

In a traditional setup with on-premises desktops, organizations incur the cost of acquisition, configuration, regular upkeep, maintenance, and timely upgrades to match up to industry standards. Further, irregular costs such as GRC and retraining add to the bills.

On the contrary, since Neverinstall delivers pre-configured applications, the costs of acquisition and configuration are almost immediately eliminated. Although Neverinstall does require a physical machine to operate, even the most basic of setups are ideal for accessing high-performance computing environments on the platform.

Further, the cost of maintenance and upgrades is negligible as the responsibility to deliver compute and memory rests on the platform. Therefore, even in the long run, a cloud desktop setup with Neverintall trumps the acquisition of machines for the organization - both in monetary terms and the required quantum of efforts.


One of the longest-standing apprehensions of teams is the limitation to capabilities of desktops over the cloud – a clear omission of the native experience as well as productivity due to lack of control.

We solve that by creating cloud-native instances of your desktop. Neither the applications nor the Spaces are rudimentary virtualized instances; instead, they are complete desktop solutions that exist in the cloud to enable a familiar desktop computing experience.

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A significant drawback to traditional desktop environments is the lack of mobility of these systems. Even with the advent of laptop computers (where performance comes at a steep cost), the most powerful machines stay atop workstations.

Accessibility to superior computing even on the move has been at the core of our product development. Consequently, a browser-based cloud desktop enables seamless productivity by delivering the same capabilities to every system independent of its inherent capacity to perform.


Introducing changes to a workspace is a complicated process, especially when a myriad of devices are involved and operating on the same regimen. Therefore, the need for cloud desktops exists where organizations must adapt to the latest technologies and introduce transformations within a stipulated timeline.

The cloud desktop is an almost archetypal computing environment that delivers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to any team.

Further, scalability becomes a key advantage with cloud desktops as the systems can easily be scaled up or down while keeping expenditure in control and reducing friction between reacting to adverse market conditions or capitalizing on knocking opportunities.

Parting thoughts

At Neverinstall, we are working toward perfecting a cloud desktop and enabling organizations to break free from the limitations of hardware. With our recent Spaces launch, we are closer than ever to delivering the perfect substitute for your high-performance desktop at a fraction of the cost and with new-found mobility.

Experience the upgrade that lasts forever. Create a Space on Neverinstall and let us know what you think!