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Spaces by Neverinstall

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Neverinstall Team

Neverinstall is changing

Our team is constantly working to improve the platform and bring new functionalities to Neverinstall with each new update. And as a part of the process, our users have always been our biggest source of inspiration and innovation. We pride ourselves on the feedback mechanism that helps us deliver value in record time. Therefore, to bring more value to our users, we are introducing a major upgrade to the platform, enabling users to get closer to native computing over the cloud.


So, Neverinstall is changing, and we are excited to share with you – Spaces by Neverinstall.

Spaces by Neverinstall

The Spaces launch is a major milestone for the platform, a step towards making personal cloud computers perform and feel more native and delivering a greater degree of control to the user.

What was and what is?

Previously, the platform allowed users to launch applications individually on a personal cloud computer with only the launched app pre-installed and pre-configured. Although access to applications was seamless and efficient, we realized that software could not exist in isolation.

Since the foundation of Neverinstall is laid on users getting access to desktop-class applications without downloading or installing them on their machines, the ability to launch only one pre-installed application in a single workspace at a time was a significant hindrance.

We wanted to make the platform more user-friendly and user sessions more productive. So, we went back to the drawing board to chart a new course for the platform that would allow us to make the platform virtually indistinguishable from a native desktop experience.

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Enter – the multi-apps functionality.

We realized that our users needed more than one application at a time to complete all or most of their tasks successfully. Our users would require at least one more app to complement their workflow and make the most out of their cloud computing experience.

For instance, a developer would typically require access to an IDE along with a browser to conduct thorough research on a platform such as Stack Overflow or download files from the internet. Or perhaps a designer who would need to download or upload assets from within the platform while using a vector graphics editor.

To enable users to curate their own personal cloud computing environment, we introduced the multi-apps functionality and call it - Spaces.

How it works

The update allows users to launch more than one pre-installed application in the same instance and create their own “Space.” A user can pick and choose any combination of apps and their extensions to create a Space and edit their choices from the selection bay before launching.

All selected apps and extensions will then be pre-installed and pre-configured in a single personal cloud computer.

Learn more about handling a Space here.

A new peak for productivity

One of our primary goals while implementing the multi-apps upgrade was to increase our users' productivity. Although the users were still free to customize their desktop even with a single pre-installed application, the fact that any other apps would need to be set up in that instance increased setup time and brought the hassles of configuration.

For every workflow

However, with the Spaces release, users can now launch any number of pre-installed apps on the platform that are optimized and pre-configured for the best performance. As a result, users can now launch complementing applications on the platform to migrate their entire workflow from their local machines to Neverinstall.

A complete solution

Spaces allow users to leverage a full-fledged desktop experience within the browser and over the cloud, enabling them to transform their traditional workspace into one based in the cloud. In addition, the ability to use complete software, applications, and extensions over the browser helps them stay within the platform without needing to exit it to access more functionality.

Through Spaces, Neverinstall now delivers a truly native desktop computing experience over the internet browser without the limitations of hardware, location, or accessibility.

But wait! There’s more.

To celebrate the Spaces release, we are releasing a host of new applications and extensions on the platform to expand our library of pre-installed software. So, here is what’s new on Neverinstall:



  • Prettier
  • GitHub
  • Heptabase
  • TMux
  • LambdaTest

As we mark the release of our multi-apps functionality, we sincerely thank our users and community for their invaluable insights, continued support, and constructive feedback.

Experience the new age of cloud computing. Create your own Space on Neverinstall today!