Product Updates May 2022

Neverinstall Product Updates - May 2022

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

May was an exciting month here at Neverinstall. After launching our paid plans and new features the previous month, we studied the needs of our users and made significant changes with the help of valuable feedback.


Here is what we have achieved this month!

New notification badges

Earlier this month, we implemented a new feature – notification badges.

The notification badges appear when the user opens an app. The notification badges notify users of the tasks going on in the background. Users can see badges for the following information:

  • When a connection is established with the server;
  • When a connection with the server is halted;
  • Users’ internet speed;
  • The resolution of the stream;
  • Required permissions and privacy information;
  • Changes to the keyboard (in any).

The notification badges disappear after a few seconds, or users can remove them manually by clicking the cross icon on the top right corner. We implemented this feature to improve the platform's transparency and provide our users with relevant privacy-related information.

Improved Ul

This month we implemented major changes to the platform’s UI to improve functionality and ease of access.

  • The updates to the UI include a considerable redesign of the dock. Now, the icons offer better visibility owing to the new wireframe icon design making each icon more visually distinct;
  • App settings have been moved to the right side of the dock, making them easier to access;
  • The pause button has been shifted to the center;
  • The new dock also has a speed gauge built into it, showing users their internet speed and if they are operating at adequate speeds for an optimal experience.
  • Along with this, collaborative spaces are now easier to navigate; the tool rests on the left side of the dock, beside the region indicator.

More features with the Paid Plans

Standard Plan

  • The Standard plan now gets 4 vCPU of compute and 8 GB of memory;
  • Users can now pause the application for up to 30 minutes;
  • The maximum session duration is increased to 3 hours;
  • Users now get storage space of 25 GB; and
  • Up to 4 users can collaborate on the same project.

Premium Plan

  • The Premium plan now gets 6 vCPU of compute and 12 GB of memory;
  • Users can now pause the application for up to 30 minutes;
  • The maximum session duration is increased to 6 hours;
  • Users now get storage space of 50 GB; and
  • Up to 8 users can collaborate on the same project.

Yearly Plans

  • We have launched annual subscription plans and users can now save 20% on both the Standard and Premium plans when billed annually.

Check out our Paid Plans here.

Bug fixes


  • We optimized our platform and successfully reduced the latency for video streaming even further, coupled with minor bug fixes.

Mouse Calibration

  • We adjusted the mouse input and calibrated it for more precision.


  • Multiple overlapping pop-ups on the dock are fixed, with only one pop-up opening at a time now.


  • Once the user has set the resolution, dynamic adjustment is turned off, and it doesn't change automatically.