Neverinstall Technical Writer Program

Neverinstall Technical Writer Program

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

Neverinstall invites developers to contribute to our knowledge library and develop content for the tech community. As we work on cutting-edge technologies, we call upon enthusiasts and passionate software developers to help us spread awareness through guides, blogs, tutorials, and more.


Why you should write for Neverinstall?

  • Due compensation

We understand and value the effort that goes into developing content and believe in healthy compensation for quality work. For each content piece that we decide to publish, we offer the authors anywhere between $100 to $250 depending on its complexity and scope.

  • Ownership and credit

We do not restrict publishing the content on the author’s private blog or channel. However, we ask that the author add a canonical link to the original content published with us, and not publish the same content with other companies, organizations, institutions, groups, or entities.

We give due credit to the author for their work.

  • Larger reach

We promote the work delivered by authors and showcase it to our 200,000+ strong user base, distribute it across our online presence, and share it with our community.

What can you write about?

Here is a broad idea of domains that we plan to publish on our platform. Authors must work on a topic that is relevant, related or part of this list.

Please note: All topics are subject to internal approval.

- Guides and tutorials on using developer tools on the Cloud

- Guides, blogs, and perspectives on application streaming and the power of the Cloud

- Blogs centered around Cloud-based personal computing, impacts, and new technologies

- Guides, tutorials, and blogs about IDEs on the Cloud

- Guides, tutorials, and blogs talking about Data Privacy, Security Compliances, Governance, and Risk Management in Cloud

What is the publication process?

The publication process involves 5 steps, resulting in a payout after successful completion of all steps.

  • Application

Interested writers must apply to the program with a link to their previous work and some published articles (preferably 2 or more) to showcase authority and ability to write about a topic.

  • Communication

Our team will reach out to accepted candidates via email. They will be introduced to the in-house editorial and engineering team to help select a topic, the scope of the content, and the outcomes.

  • Writing

Once a topic is approved, Neverinstall will offer all requisite assistance to help the author prepare the draft. Timelines are flexible and authors can choose their own pace to deliver the piece. However, we do expect the timeframe to be reasonable.

  • Revision

Once we receive the draft, our team will begin the review process and request the author to make necessary revisions to the content before we can publish it. Although we follow a rigorous review process to maintain the highest of standards, we try to keep it quick and straightforward and get back to authors as soon as possible.

The review process includes a sanity check, a technical review, a review of language and tone, a grammar check, and any other form of review deemed necessary by the internal team.

  • Publication

As soon as the review process is complete and the final draft is prepared, we go live with the article on our platform. We will publish the content on our blog or any other channel as deemed fit and mutually agreed upon.

We promote the author’s work on all major social media platforms including Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as developer-centric platforms such as Hacker News, Hashnode, and more.

Please note: Neverinstall will not consider any content as eligible if it has previously been published by any other author, company, or organization of any sort on any channel.

Plagiarism is seriously frowned upon and considered an infringement of others’ intellectual property. Authors will be immediately disqualified if found engaging in such activities.

What are we looking for in an author?

We are looking for passionate developers and technical writers with demonstrated experience in the domains that we wish to discuss. We expect authors to have published content to our preferred domains before applying to the program. Our authors must be comfortable writing for beginner to intermediate-level audiences.

We seek authors who are open to constructive feedback and suggestions, and comfortable with making necessary revisions to their work based on the inputs of our team.

Rights and Ownership

The program gives complete credit and ownership of the content to the author. However, as we duly compensate our contributors, we get an unlimited license to publish and promote the content delivered to us as part of the program.

The authors can re-publish the content on their private channels or blogs such as Medium and, however, we require them to add a canonical link to the original post on our platform. Further, we require authors to refrain from publishing the same content with other companies, organizations, institutions, or entities.


We offer payouts ranging from $100 to $250 depending on a variety of factors ranging from the scope, complexity, length, and detail incorporated into the content piece.

All payments will be processed only if the content piece is approved by Neverinstall for publishing after the review process is complete.