Neverinstall Product Updates - June 2022
Product Updates June 2022

Neverinstall Product Updates - June 2022

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

June was full of revelations for our users. The team at Neverinstall celebrated Pride Month with several exciting releases and a few updates. We listened to our users and extended support for some popular SDKs released a new app on the platform and fixed minor issues with the platform to improve the user experience further.


Here is what we have achieved this month!

A new app on Neverinstall - Obsidian

Our users asked for this, and we heard you. We are excited to announce that we have launched Obsidian on our platform.

Obsidian on web

Obsidian is a new-age note-taking and documentation application. The self-anointed second brain uses Markdown to store the notes created by the user locally.

Why is Obsidian on Neverinstall better?

  • Access anywhere, on any device:

Users can now access the Obsidian app on any device from any location from their internet browser.

  • No download, no installation

Neverinstall has pre-installed Obsidian on the platform. Therefore, users do not need to download or install the application on their local machine.

  • No hardware limitations

As the size of a Vault in Obsidian grows, its performance (and the machines’) starts deteriorating. This requires either the user to reduce the size of their Vault or upgrade their local machine. With Neverinstall, all user data is encrypted and securely stored on our servers, delivering the best performance even with the largest Vaults.

Support for more stacks and programming languages

After due consideration and speaking with several of our users, we decided to extend support for more tech stacks and programming languages on the VS Code application.

Flutter, Java and C/C++ on web


On popular demand, the VS Code app now fully supports a pre-built and pre-installed Flutter SDK. We thank the Flutter community for their continued support and are glad to see developers on our platform benefit from pre-built Flutter environments.


We have now extended support on VS Code for Java and fully supported a pre-built and pre-installed SDK on our platform. Users can now freely spin up web servers and write scalable code in the Java programming language.


We have now extended support for the C/C++ programming language on our platform. The VS Code app on our platform now fully supports a pre-built and pre-installed C/C++ SDK.

Instant resource usage notifications

In a recent update, we added a feature to detect CPU usage and memory. Users will now be immediately notified whenever their application starts consuming more than 95% CPU and Memory.

Bug Fixes

Upgrade/downgrade plans

Some users were facing issues with payment charges. We thank our users for their patience and feedback. We are glad to inform you that we have fixed the issue of the pro-rata payment charge.