Neverinstall Product Updates - December 2021
Product Updates December 2021

Neverinstall Product Updates - December 2021

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

The year 2021 was terrific; we were overwhelmed from launching our platform to reaching over 100,000 users. As the year ends, we are excited to share the updates made to the platform this past month.


Here is what we have achieved this month!

Data Saver Mode

  • Users now have the option to reduce their internet data consumption by up to 50% using the data saver mode.
  • Users can turn on the data saver mode by clicking on the toggle located on the dock.

Application usage statistics

  • Usage statistics are now visible within the application tiles on the home page.

Brand New Dock

  • We improved the design of the dock and incorporated new icons and Ul elements.

Mobile Portrait View

  • We have some excellent news for mobile users. All applications on Neverinstall are now responsive and accessible in both portrait and landscape modes on mobile devices.
  • There are also several Ul changes to the dock and a new and improved keyboard.
  • Native Mobile Experience - Whether you want to watch a YouTube video or Code on the go, users get the native experience across all apps and websites.

Track Internet Speed

  • With our new update, users can track the internet speed of the apps and the machine from within the platform.