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Neovim is on your browser

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

The Vim editor has been an age-old favorite of developers, primarily used to write code on the Linux OS family. The text editor is a heavily configurable and powerful tool for devs to complete virtually any task on their desktop.


And just as Vim is an upgrade over the classic vi editor, a community-driven project to fork a more extensible and easily maintainable version of Vim developed Neovim.

The Neovim editor is now available on Neverinstall, pre-installed and pre-configured, and accessible through your internet browser.

The Neovim upgrade

Neovim is a hyperextensible code editor, developed by refactoring the original Vim editor’s source code and reducing it by almost 30%. The editor is the result of an open-source project and is completely community-driven, with the goal to achieve enhanced capabilities without compromising on Vim’s inherent abilities.

A fork from the original Vim, Neovim is fully compatible with Vim’s editing model, and new users with previous Vim experience can easily start with

:help nvim-from-vim

Neovim was developed for the following reasons:


Neovim was developed to simplify the maintenance of the code editor. While introducing features into the original Vim was complex and certainly not welcome by the community,

Neovim is more focused on delivering a high-usability editor open to changes that are not just big fixes.


The Neovim was intended to enable the implementation of modern user interfaces for developer convenience without interfering with the core of the text editor. The development of Vim offered limited flexibility with the UI, however, with Neovim users can enable and choose from a variety of advanced UIs for their dev environments.


The Neovim editor brought major changes by overhauling and redesigning the plugin architecture. The Neovim editor enables remote plugins which run as co-processed, with developers writing them in any language without support from the editor. Further, the plugins are sandboxed to prevent the editor from crashing.

Neovim on the browser with Neverinstall

Neverinstall now supports the Neovim editor, to allow developers to experience the best of legacy dev environments.


Access NeoVim from Anywhere Within Your Browser

At Neverinstall, we steaming applications from remote servers directly to the user through their internet browser. Consequently, the Neovim editor can now be accessed from anywhere, on any device or OS, from within the internet browser.

Neovim on a browser ecosystem

With the Neverinstall platform, we offloaded the Neovim dev environment to the cloud. Our browser-based ecosystem leverages evolving web browser technologies and helps us transform the standard internet browser into an operating system in itself, enabling access to a dev environment without a native setup. Since users can open the editor from virtually any browser on any machine, the same dev environments can be accessed without duplicating setup efforts.

The convenience of online

As we stream applications, we make them platform agnostic and universally accessible. What it does is make any device with an internet browser a viable desktop on the go, enabling remote access, but with a native experience.

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