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Developer Environments: Upgrade or evolve?

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

Physically fit?

Think: a physical machine, probably your desktop or laptop, with your preferred IDEs set up as per your needs, configured to your liking, and delivering the value you want. The dev environment, in this case, is heavily dependent on your physical environment. Consequently, any aberrations in the physical environment are odds-on to disrupt your development experience.


While physical systems remain the standard for most industries, they are plagued with drawbacks caused by hardware, lack of accessibility, poor portability, and hindrances to adaptability. Physical machines are inflexible solutions, requiring regular upgrades to keep up with ‘system requirements’ and the latest in technology.

What is your ideal development environment?

When you ask this question to yourself, think about all the times you’ve had to deal with the perils of hardware technology, and do not limit yourself to your computer. Think everything from electricity to the internet, and peripherals. Think location and think mobility.

Now ponder the question again, and ask yourself, is your dev environment what you deserve?

Isolate and recreate

The need of the hour is to isolate the development environment from the physical world. We need to reimagine development and mobilize developers’ tools, offer them on demand, and make them independent of their location.

We need to assess the importance of access.

What we need is a solution that requires only turning on to develop, a solution to reduce the clutter and provide effortless control over the software development process. We need the technology of the future to drive development for the future. Our solutions must reduce our dependencies on age-old solutions which are extrinsic to the contemporary industry requirements.

Forgetting installation - How Neverinstall is driving change

At Neverinstall, we are trying to bring a paradigm shift in the way people perceive a dev environment. The challenge was transparent: to have a platform that would bypass the pitfalls of a conventional development environment. So we built it.

Works on my machine problem?

Do not fret.

Apart from the manual configuration and setup time that the dev environment requires, a significant deficiency exists in consistency. The slightest difference in the development environments of different developers is a cause for the failure of a code when run in a foreign system. While it may work in the local environment better than expected, the true test is its interoperability in a non-local environment.

The fact that a perfectly fine code could easily break when run in a different environment is cause for developers to move to solutions that make the process more efficient and less likely to break down.

The pre-configured and pre-installed dev environments in the Neverinstall platform allow users to code in a consistent environment, right from their browser. The browser acts as an operating system while our servers do the heavy lifting, and developers get to code from anywhere, from any machine, at any time.

Why this?

Because in the natural progression of nature, technology must pivot and deliver better value. A better dev environment has far-reaching consequences, extending from improving the quality of work for developers to improving the process of development for industries altogether.

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We are building this product to empower the engineers, designers, students, and virtually every desktop user, and prepare for a future of unhindered accessibility to applications.