The Best Tools & PlugIns for Using Adobe After Effects

The Best Tools & PlugIns for Using Adobe After Effects

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

In the rapidly evolving world of digital design, the ability to use powerful tools like Adobe After Effects directly in your browser can significantly enhance your workflow. This flexibility is especially valuable for designers who rely on cloud-based platforms for their creative projects. In this article, we'll explore the top tools and resources that make using After Effects on devices like Chromebook through a browser not only possible but also efficient and productive.

What is an After Effects Plug-In?

An After Effects plugin is essentially an add-on or extension that enhances the functionality of Adobe After Effects. These plugins, typically created by third-party developers rather than Adobe itself, integrate seamlessly with After Effects to expand its capabilities. The introduction of a plugin into After Effects brings new features or streamlines existing processes, thereby customising and optimising the user's workflow.

The role of plugins in After Effects is multifaceted. They can simplify complex tasks, introduce new tools or effects, and generally enhance the creative process. This customisation is particularly beneficial in animation and visual effects, where specific tasks may require tailored solutions that are not inherently available in the base software.

In essence, plugins serve as building blocks that users can add to their After Effects toolkit, adapting the software to fit their unique creative needs and workflow preferences. This adaptability is key to the widespread use of plugins in professional motion graphics and visual effects work.

How much does it cost to run Adobe After Effects on your device? 

Running Adobe After Effects on your device involves a subscription cost as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud plans. The subscription for accessing After Effects alone is priced at $20.99 per month with an annual commitment. For the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, which includes After Effects among other Adobe applications, the cost is $59.99 per month.

Comparatively, Neverinstall offers a high-spec Windows machine using application streaming to optimise on costs, and only comes upto approximately $25 per month. This could be a more cost-effective option for those looking to run After Effects online, especially if you don't have a device with the necessary specifications to run it efficiently. Neverinstall also has custom plans that you can enable to run more task-heavy editing simulations. 

Considering the costs, Neverinstall's platform offers a potentially more budget-friendly solution for using After Effects, especially if you require high specs for optimal performance. If you are a student, you can run After Effects for free on Neverinstall by utilising your free student credits on AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers. 

Why you should be running After Effects on Your Browser

Effortlessly Run Adobe After Effects on your Browser with Neverinstall

1. Cloud-Based Platforms offer versatile hardware options

  • Overview: Neverinstall offers a platform where you can run After Effects on a cloud-based Windows PC. This eliminates the need for powerful local hardware, as the processing is done on the cloud, and you are given a clean, intuitive and native PC experience. 
  • Benefits: Access Adobe After Effects from any device with an internet connection. This is particularly useful for designers who work on-the-go or use devices with limited processing power.
  • Key Features: GPU-enabled cloud PCs ensure smooth running of After Effects, and the platform's AI features can automate repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity. These applications provide a seamless experience, almost as if you were working directly on the host machine.

2. Online Collaboration Tools

  • Overview: Neverinstall also has an easily versatile collaborative feature that integrates with After Effects, allowing you to collaborate in real-time with team members or clients.
  • Benefits: Streamlines the feedback and review process. Essential for teams working remotely or with clients worldwide.
  • Key Features: Real-time commenting, version control, and easy integration with After Effects.

3. Cloud Storage Solutions

  • Overview: Cloud storage services are usually integrated with After Effects for easy access to files and collaboration.
  • Benefits: Access your project files from anywhere. Simplifies collaboration and sharing of large video files.
  • Key Features: Secure storage, easy sharing options, and large storage capacities.

4. Performance Optimization Tools

  • Overview: Use tools like, which optimise browser performance for running resource-intensive applications like After Effects.
  • Benefits: Improves the speed and responsiveness of After Effects when used in a browser environment.
  • Key Features: Cloud-based optimization, compatibility with various browsers, and user-friendly interfaces.

The Best After Effects PlugIns with Extensions 

For designers using After Effects on Neverinstall-like platforms, optimising the software with the right extensions is crucial. These extensions can significantly enhance functionality, improve workflow efficiency, and provide additional creative tools. Here are some After Effects extensions that are highly recommended for designers, and have entered our list of goodies that are fascinating and useful.  

  1. FX Console by Video Copilot: This extension streamlines the process of applying effects and presets. It allows quick search and application of effects, saving valuable time.
  2. Animation Composer by Mister Horse: A must-have for motion designers, this extension provides a vast library of pre-made animations and handy tools for quick and efficient animation creation.
  3. Ray Dynamic Color: This tool simplifies the process of colour management in After Effects. It allows you to easily change colours of your entire project and ensure colour consistency.
  4. Overlord by Battle Axe: For those who often switch between Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, Overlord streamlines the transfer of artwork between these two platforms, maintaining the quality and editability of vector graphics.
  5. Mocha AE: Integrated into After Effects, Mocha AE is a powerful planar tracking tool essential for visual effects and post-production workflows, especially for tracking, rotoscoping, and object removal.
  6. Flow by Zack Lovatt and RenderTom: Flow is a graph editor tool that makes easing and timing adjustments a breeze, helping animators fine-tune their animations for smoother transitions and more natural movements.
  7. Duik Bassel: Renowned in the world of character animation, Duik Bassel offers robust rigging and animation tools. It's ideal for creating complex character animations with ease.
Run Character Animations Smoothly with the infamous Duik Bassel in your Cloud Browser
  1. Stardust by Superluminal: A modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It allows for an entirely new level of particle effects creation within After Effects, enhancing the capabilities of standard particle effects.
  2. Bodymovin by Hernan Torrisi: For designers who need to export animations for web applications, Bodymovin provides an efficient solution to export After Effects animations as JSON data to be used with web technologies.
  3. Saber by Video Copilot: For designers who need to create energy beams, lightsabers, lasers, and neon lights, Saber is a fantastic tool. It offers a range of customizable features to create stunning visual effects.
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For more plug-ins and recommendations, check out the blogs from School of Motion, and others.


Using After Effects on a browser has become increasingly feasible and efficient, thanks to a range of tools and platforms designed to enhance the experience. Whether you are working remotely, collaborating with a global team, or simply prefer the flexibility of cloud-based solutions, these tools ensure that your creative workflow remains uninterrupted and efficient. With the continuous advancements in cloud computing and browser technologies, the future looks bright for designers and creatives who prefer browser-based workflows.Check out After Effects on Neverinstall to maximise your device‚Äôs potential. 

Explore these tools to find the perfect combination for your specific After Effects needs and workflow. Embrace the flexibility and power of cloud computing to elevate your design projects to new heights.