Your browser is the new VPN
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Your browser is the new VPN

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

We all know that feeling when we try to watch a web series, a YouTube video or a web article, and the content has regional restrictions sometimes. The bulk of us simply drops off, while the zealous ones look for an ideal solution.


While a VPN seems like a good choice to access region-restricted content, it comes with an arduous setup and a significant detriment to internet speed.

Say hello to Neverinstall, we are trying to solve this with the help of our servers across three continents and growing. We have built a cloud-based platform that offers a native browsing experience across leading browsers to the user. The user can launch either Chrome, Firefox, or Brave in a region of their choice.


We circumvent the detriment of connection speed by streaming the browser to the user, packing the browser with internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps even when the user has an internet connection 20x slower than that.

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Our platform works similar to a VPN and helps protect the identity and data of the user and does not disclose the IP or other user information to any third party, ensuring privacy at all times.