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Cloud PCs and it's Exploding Market

Amulya TG

Cloud PCs are the segway to the ultimate PC experience. With Cloud PCs, individuals and organizations can break free from the limitations of local computing, harnessing the power of remote servers and the cloud. It empowers users to achieve more than ever before.

The way that larger organizations have leveraged clouds, the smaller businesses and individuals have yet to extract the most use of such a technology, ranging from the onboarding to the scaling experience. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the current stance of Cloud PCs in the market, and what advancements are expanding the market size for such solutions. 

Cloud PCs, also known as a Cloud-based Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a virtualized desktop computing environments hosted on remote servers and accessed over the internet. It allows users to run their operating system, applications, and data on remote data centers rather than on their local hardware. Cloud PCs have several advantages, including flexibility, scalability, and accessibility from any device with an internet connection. They are particularly useful for remote work, collaborative projects, and resource-intensive tasks.

According to Fortune Business Insights the global virtual desktop infrastructure market size is projected to grow from $12.72 billion in 2023 to $57.67 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 24.1%. Cloud PCs are the modernized versions of Legacy VDI solutions. 

Currently, around 7% of businesses adopt virtual desktop infrastructure for comprehensive support and centralized workspace management. Furthermore, around 50% of large enterprises adopt VDI.

What's Limiting the Widespread use of Cloud PC

Below are the areas where technological advancements are needed for Cloud PCs to gradually expand its market size and fulfill its potential.

Connectivity Dependence: Cloud PCs heavily rely on a stable and high-speed internet connection. In areas with poor connectivity, there may not be a practical solution.

Cost: Setting up and maintaining cloud PC infrastructure can be costly, both for service providers and end-users. Some businesses find it more cost-effective to invest in traditional on-premises solutions.

Security Concerns: Storing data and applications on remote servers can raise concerns about data security and privacy. Although providers take stringent security measures, the perception of risk persists.

Lack of Awareness: Many potential users are unaware of the benefits and capabilities of Cloud PCs. Lack of education and understanding can hinder adoption.

Legacy Systems: Many organizations have existing on-premises infrastructure, software licenses, and investments that are not easily compatible with a shift to Cloud PCs. Migrating from these legacy systems can be complex and costly.

Performance Issues: While Cloud PC technology has improved, there can still be latency and performance issues, especially when running resource-intensive applications or during peak usage times.

Regulatory Compliance: Some industries and organizations have strict regulatory requirements that make it challenging to adopt Cloud PCs due to data residency and compliance issues.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of Cloud PCs are becoming increasingly apparent, and as technology improves, we can expect to see more widespread adoption, especially as remote work and the need for flexible computing solutions continue to grow.

Your PC on Cloud with Neverinstall

Digital transformation and more specifically, the transition to the cloud and multi-cloud approaches is creating a more complex IT environment. Neverinstall intends to simplify the end-to-end process of adopting cloud workspaces/PCs for individuals and businesses.  Solving for the above mentioned problems has opened doors for new users.

Businesses get additional admin control features where all the cloud resources and data can be allocated to the employees with the help of IT administrators.

Gartner predicts that cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending by 2026. Cloud PCs can address the unaddressed market but most of the hindrance in this space comes from the high setup times. And we, at Neverinstall see this happening when all the complexities involved in the setup process of a Cloud PC are eliminated with a simple plug-and-play solution. 

A Multi-Cloud Strategy

Neverinstall is a SAAS platform that connects cloud resources/servers to the end users, seamlessly to stream a fully functional PC onto the browser. CloudLink lets users connect their cloud accounts like Azure, AWS, and Vultr to Neverinstall. All of the instances provided by these cloud providers can now be managed and accessed under one roof. An AI integrated to the OS of the Cloud PC can assist in setups, updates and enhance the usability of Cloud PCs

Solving the above-mentioned problems to make a Cloud PC easily accessible within a few clicks, has been quite a journey, and here is how Neverinstall tackles some core problems.

Connectivity Dependence

When cloud PCs are getting streamed onto the browser. Lower data consumption logic is ingrained in the streaming logic which leads to

  •  Consistency in performance increases irrespective of the internet speed.
  • Reduces operational costs.

Hence Neverinstall works smoothly even with 1Mbps, opening the door to individual users having access to only mobile data.


  • Simplified pricing structure - where users will pay only the licensing cost to Neverinstall and these licenses are sold individually and not in bulk. And the cloud costs are billed directly from the cloud provider based on the hours of usage. 
  • Auto Pause - The instances are paused when there is an inactivity for 30 minutes(can be customized). This saves the users from paying for unused cloud resources. These paused instances can be resumed whenever

The above-mentioned perks combined with additional collaborative features would make this a cost-efficient solution, removing the IT admin operational overheads.

Security Concerns

With CloudLink users are connecting neverinstall to their cloud providers' resources, here Neverinstall acts as a front-end layer giving all the control over the backend pool resources to the users. 

  • A Security audit is conducted by the cloud provider every 30 days.
  • In-house server abuse detection systems for maintaining security
  • Fully SOC II, ISO 2001, and GDPR compliant.

Performance Issues

An expanding server network perpetually strives to have operational latency below 100ms making this Cloud PC feel native. 

The ongoing expansion and enhancement of the server infrastructure are geared towards delivering a truly immersive and real-time experience, where tasks and interactions occur with such speed and precision that you'll hardly notice any distinction between your Cloud PC and a traditional, locally hosted system.


As digital transformation continues to surge, this technology is poised for growth. Innovative solutions like Neverinstall are simplifying the Cloud PC setup process, addressing critical issues like connectivity dependence and cost efficiency. With more accessible, secure, and high-performing Cloud PC options on the horizon, we anticipate a surge in their popularity.