The Ultimate Guide to VDI for Forward-Thinking Companies
Make your capital expenditure decisions count this quarter.

The Ultimate Guide to VDI for Forward-Thinking Companies

Neverinstall Team
Neverinstall Team

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In an era where agility and efficiency define the winners in business, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) emerges as a cornerstone technology for companies aiming to stay ahead. Unlike the traditional, one-dimensional approaches to IT infrastructure, VDI offers a dynamic, scalable solution that can significantly enhance operational efficiency and security. With a variety of players in the field, from long-standing giants like VMware and Citrix to innovative newcomers like Neverinstall, choosing the right VDI solution can be pivotal to your company's success. This guide delves deep into the strategic implementation of VDI, tailored for the forward-thinking businesses of today.

Even in 2024, Small businesses and rapidly scaling companies often find the VDI and DaaS landscape confusing due to its complexity and limited options, leaving many potential users unaware of what these technologies can offer. Neverinstall aims to change this narrative with its forthcoming Teams release, designed to enlighten and serve growing businesses by simplifying access to these powerful virtual desktop infrastructures.

​​What is VDI and What VDI Means for Your Business

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is more than a technology—it's a revolution in how desktop environments are accessed and managed. By virtualizing desktops on a centralised server, VDI allows users to access their workspaces from anywhere, using any device. This leap forward in desktop management brings scalability, agility, and control over IT resources, establishing VDI as a cornerstone of modern business infrastructure.

VDI Under the Hood

At its core, VDI operates through virtual machines (VMs) that are hosted on a central server and accessible over the internet. This process is facilitated by a VDI broker, which ensures efficient management of resources and user sessions for a seamless experience. By separating the user workspace from physical hardware, VDI creates a flexible and robust digital workspace, capable of supporting a wide range of work scenarios and needs.

Choosing the Right VDI Model

VDI is not a one-size-fits-all solution; businesses need to decide between persistent and non-persistent models based on their unique needs:

  • Persistent VDI provides a dedicated and personalised desktop experience, retaining user settings and data between sessions. It's ideal for users who require a consistent workspace. Persistent VDI is ideal for roles requiring customised workspaces, such as software developers, executives, and creative professionals. 
  • Non Persistent VDI offers a clean slate at each login, perfect for task-oriented workers who don't need a customised desktop environment. Non Persistent VDI suits scenarios where users perform standardised tasks and do not require personalised settings, including call centres, educational labs, and healthcare facilities. It offers a fresh, uniform desktop environment for each session.

This choice is crucial for optimising VDI architecture, performance, and user satisfaction.

Top Reasons to Embrace VDI

Adopting VDI delivers significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Centralising data storage and processing significantly reduces the risk of data breaches, positioning VDI as a key component of modern cybersecurity strategies.
  • Cost Efficiency: VDI cuts down the need for physical hardware and allows for dynamic resource allocation, avoiding obscure cloud costs and lowering overall IT expenses.
  • Operational Flexibility: Supporting remote and hybrid work models, VDI enables employees to access their desktops from any location and device, ensuring a versatile and adaptable workplace.
  • Simplified IT Management: IT departments can more easily deploy, maintain, and manage desktop environments, allowing them to concentrate on strategic projects instead of daily operations.

VDI is not merely an IT option; it's a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Adopting Neverinstall's VDI solution enhances security across virtual environments. It leverages conditional access, multifactor authentication, and audit logs for comprehensive user and activity oversight. With endpoint security, including advanced malware protection, and application restrictions to control software access, Neverinstall ensures a fortified defence against virtualisation related threats, elevating overall security measures for organisations.

As we explore deeper into the advantages and strategic implementation of VDI, particularly through innovative solutions like Neverinstall, the importance of VDI in enabling businesses to become more adaptive and future-ready becomes increasingly clear.

Implementing VDI: A Strategic Approach for Modern Businesses

The deployment of VDI, especially in complex enterprise environments, demands a nuanced approach. With the landscape of VDI solutions ranging from traditional setups in the likes of Citrix, VMWare, and other legacy players, to innovative platforms like Neverinstall, selecting the right solution is crucial. Neverinstall, for example, offers a unique value proposition with its cloud-based, easily deployable, and scalable VDI solutions, catering to businesses looking for cost-effective, secure, and flexible desktop virtualization options. The choice of VDI solution should factor in the ease of deployment, management capabilities, scalability, and the ability to integrate with existing systems and workflows.

VDI environments, while offering enhanced security compared to traditional setups, are still vulnerable to various risks. These include performance issues due to incorrect user imaging, business impacts from VDI downtime, potential unauthorised access from misconfigured controls, increased threat exposure across virtual networks, security weaknesses from standard image misconfigurations, malware attacks through unauthorised apps, compromised VM security due to user or administrator negligence, and data loss from insider threats. Your VDI provider should be able to account for these while setting up.

Preparing Your Network

The backbone of any efficient VDI setup is a robust network infrastructure. VDI's performance is intrinsically tied to the network's capability to handle peak loads and anticipate spikes in demand. Ensuring your network is primed to support a VDI environment involves comprehensive planning around peak usage times and demand forecasting to maintain optimal performance without unnecessary expenditure.

Capacity Planning and Resource Allocation

One common pitfall in VDI implementation is underprovisioning. Utilising performance monitoring tools for effective capacity planning can help you understand the resource demands of each virtual desktop. This insight is critical not only for initial setup but also for ongoing resource management, ensuring each user has access to the necessary computing power without wasting resources.

Understanding User Requirements

The diversity in user needs is a critical factor in VDI implementation. Determining whether your users require the ability to customise their desktops or if they are task workers who can operate from a standardised setup is crucial. This decision impacts whether a persistent or nonpersistent VDI setup is more appropriate for your organisation. Additionally, understanding the performance requirements of different user groups—such as those needing access to graphics-intensive applications versus those requiring only basic functionalities—allows for a more tailored and efficient deployment.

Confused about whether you need a DaaS or a VDI powering your company? Check out this handy guide to get quick clarity.

Pilot Testing

Before full-scale implementation, conducting a pilot test of your VDI deployment is advisable. This step is essential for validating your resource provisioning and setup choices. Most virtualization providers offer tools for this purpose, facilitating a simulated environment where you can foresee performance and user experience, enabling adjustments before deployment.

Elevating Your Digital Workspace: The Unmatched Neverinstall VDI Experience

In the dynamic realm of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Neverinstall doesn't just participate; it leads with distinction. Our VDI solutions are a beacon for businesses that dare to redefine their digital landscapes. Here's how Neverinstall illuminates the path forward:

The old way of doing things includes taking apart time to prepare your organisation for the prerequisites before being able to deploy hardware. For instance, For AVD setup, the initial steps involve configuring Azure environment prerequisites like network setup and Active Directory services. You'll also need to create a resource group in Azure, establish a Virtual Network (VNet) with proper DNS settings for domain joining, and then deploy Azure Virtual Desktop host pools and session hosts. Ensuring the VMs meet the required specifications for your workload and configuring security and compliance settings are crucial before granting user access.

Meanwhile for a larger org like VMWare or Citrix, prerequisites include setting up an Active Directory environment, Virtual Apps and Desktops Delivery Controller. You'll also need to configure your server and storage infrastructure to meet the demands of your deployment. Ensuring network connectivity and security configurations, along with deciding on the workspace environment and virtual desktop images, are essential steps. 

These prerequisites often end up taking more time in the preparatory or transition stages and are not equipped to handle customisations without several days being added to the project deadlines. 

Time Taken To Deploy Quickest





(At the minimum)

4-10 days 

5-10 days

45 days

Couple of hours, or days for customisations

Phases of Deployment

Preparation phase;
Core components installation;
Site creation & VDI installation;
Optional component installations;
Delivery group creation. 

Horizon connection server installation;

Virtual Machine Preparation;
Desktop & Application Pool Creation;

User Access Control. 

Creating a resource group;
Setting up a host pool;
Adding Virtual Machines to host pool;
Network and domain configurations.

Creating a resource group;
Setting up a host pool;
Adding Virtual Machines to host pool;
Network and domain configurations.

The new way Neverinstall reimagines deployment and management for your virtual desktops, 

  • No learning curve required!
  • Drop in with your requirements and specifications.
  • Let your team test the pilot the very next day.

It’s a game-changer when you realise that the lightning fast onboarding is not the only thing improved upon. With native environments, pre-installed applications in seconds, and intuitive collaboration, even on apps that don’t naturally support collaboration so easily. 

Needed more GPU than you thought you would? Your cloud bills are way more obscure than you thought it would be? With Neverinstall’s tailored plans, you know exactly what you get and pay for. A nifty auto-pause function works in your favour here to stop the bills from getting out of control. 

The Speed of Light: Instant Deployments

In the race against time, Neverinstall's VDI solutions are light itself. Experience the thrill of instant deployments and setups, empowering your team to leap into action without a moment's delay. Our platform is a testament to efficiency, enabling businesses to pivot and scale with the agility of the wind.

Unwavering Commitment to Data Privacy

At the heart of Neverinstall's innovation is an ironclad promise of data privacy. We safeguard your digital domain with state-of-the-art encryption and stringent security measures, ensuring that your business's most valuable assets are fortified against the digital tempests of the modern world.

Transparent Affordability: A Breath of Fresh Air

Step into a world where VDI costs are as clear as daylight. Neverinstall shatters the norm with its transparent, no-surprise pricing model. With our forthcoming self-serve option, we're championing a future where businesses can soar without the weight of hidden costs, making cutting-edge VDI technology accessible to all.

Mastery of Centralised Management

Dive into the simplicity of Neverinstall's centralised management console, where complexity fades away, leaving behind a streamlined, intuitive platform. Command your digital fleet with ease, from deploying new virtual desktops to navigating the vast seas of IT infrastructure, all from a single, powerful dashboard.

Tailored Solutions: Your Vision, Our Canvas

Neverinstall recognizes that your business is unique—a masterpiece. Our customizable VDI setups are the canvas upon which your operational dreams are painted. From bespoke applications to specific hardware configurations, we bring your vision to life, ensuring that every pixel of your digital workspace aligns with your ambitions.

A Support Experience Like No Other

Embark on a journey with Neverinstall, where every call for support is met with unparalleled dedication. Our commitment to instant resolutions and comprehensive support capabilities is not just a service; it's a partnership. We stand by your side, ensuring that every step on your digital journey is supported, every challenge swiftly overcome.

With Neverinstall, your business isn't just adopting VDI; it's embracing a future where digital workspaces are boundless, secure, and impeccably aligned with your strategic vision. Welcome to the Neverinstall experience—where your business's digital potential is limitless.

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